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Donít you know that by simply operating the heating and cooling of your air conditioning unit invites thousands or millions of bacteria, molds, and even types of fungus that can flow in the air that your air condition unit produces? Sad to say but yes! It actually gets in to air duct and can be present in the air that you breathe and might cost you health issues such as allergies, asthma, hypertension and etc. Base on the latest critics this is one of the factors that can become an extreme health hazard for many people in the United States.

That is why it is very important to have your ducts cleaned regularly to ensure that good quality of safe indoor air. For some families, the harsh chemicals used by most professional air duct cleaners can add to the problem. Thatís why Minneapolis Air Duct Cleaning uses only the most trusted eco-friendly cleaner that is available in the market that won't be blown out of your heating ducts onto your freshly cleaned carpets, accumulating on countertops, and being sucked into your lungs as your family breathes. We have air duct cleaning system that works more efficiently than antiquated rotary brush systems. It is also gentler on your duct systems.


At Minneapolis Air Duct Cleaning our priority is to provide customers clean and safe indoor air to breathe. We utilize the most specialized cleaning method and the best in green cleanerís absolutely very affordable price. At Minneapolis Air Duct Cleaning we have latest revolution air duct cleaning system that can show you all the dust and dirt that your air ducts collects for years. We take extreme care to clean your ducts to assure perfect indoor air quality inside your home, office or even in industrial properties like malls, museum etc. That is why we recommend letting your ducts to be clean regularly every 3-5 years to prevent health hazards to arise. We recommend additional cleaning if you suffer from significant allergy or asthma problems to make sure that your air quality stays extremely clean and fresh all the time.

So donít take your air ducts for granted to avoid worst complication to arise. We recommend you to let your air duct be clean regularly to make sure that familyís health will always be in good condition all the time. At Minneapolis Air Duct Cleaning you can always expect the best from us!

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